The Doors

So I went today after the much awaited ‘The Doors‘ tribute concert in Tollygunge Club. Honestly, I didn’t even know I was supposed to go, it was rather an impromptu decision taken by my eccentric Maata-ji and her very nice and daani friend to take me along. Very, very nice of the gentleman to sign us in, I must say.

Enough on nekamo, more on the concert.

Before it started, Totoboy introduced me to Anwesha, Saloni, Rebecca and few others who soon became (along with me of course) the loudest and awesomest crew of ze evening. As a matter of fact, we took pics at, *gulp* Morrison Hotel (:P), gossiped, Anwesha and I were plotting to kidnap this hot gora person and then as the show began, we were the frist to go onstage and last ones to get off. Oh, and we were joined by this random hot dude who was clearly a bigger and nuttier fan than us!

It began around 8:30 I think after the club people did an immense amount of dhong. AND, then, our group was the unstoppable dancing force of the evening 🙂

They kick-started the performance with LA Woman, Whiskey Bar, went on to ‘Light my fire‘ and so on and so forth. I honestly cant even remember how many times I was inches close to flashing (:P) and tripping and falling down because I was jumping so damn high!

As a matter of fact, all of us were high on brilliant fucking music. Even though they were cover songs, the band was  as freakishly awesome as the original. The guitarist was the best, methinks. But he had tits. 😐

The lead singer had a sexy raspy voice. Seriously, I’m not joking. I could like marry his voice. BUT, he was mota. Like if Morrison were alive, that mota.

Drummer was good too, but I’ve seen better. Keyboardist was frankly as good as it could get.

All in all it was one of the best nights I’ve had in 2011. And I don’t think I could have enjoyed it more than I already did. The company, the music, the ambience was all I needed to loosen up and remember that life is what happens when you’re JUST HAVING FUN 😀

Danke ‘Peace Frog‘, you made my day 🙂


P.F. :D

So I’m writing after 3 days, methinks. I just read through my previous blogs and realized how random and unrelated ALL of them are. Matlabh they lack cohesion, if you know what I mean.Therefore today’s blog will hopefully be a little different. One can only hope.

Now everyone who knows me mota moti well knows that my favourite band happens to be Pink Floyd. Like they’re the single most awesomest band ever. I mean, Led Zep, The Doors, Metallica, Nirvana, Deep Purple and dare I say, even The Beatles can’t hold a candle up to them. Actually, The Beatles are my semi-favourite band. Charo, I think The Beatles ARE THE ONLY BAND that can be put in the same category as Floyd.

So why am I ranting about Floyd? Answer is quite simpaaal.  Today in the morning I was listening to ‘A Pillow Of Winds’ followed by Embryo. I cannot begin to explain how much these songs calm me down, as they did during the boards. And how much strength ‘Fearless’ gave me…It’s extraordinary how music can change how you feel in a matter of moments. Like, I know how senti I sound.. But still…

I’m thankful to whoever’s idea it was to make me listen to Floyd ( Dad, methinks ), because my life is just like ‘The dark side of the moon’ without them.. 🙂



Haircuts and all that :)

Though this is titled ‘Haircuts and all that :)), I will not waste blogging space on ranting about my hair. Because admittedly, it looks awesome. Like straight and silky 😛 Which got ruined throughout the course of the day due to doggy drool, and, THE HUMIDITY!

OK, it’s gorom, will blog when DON’T FEEL LIKE SHOOTING SELF.

So I was supposed to be on a diet and shit.

What did I do? Consumed all the additional calories that I burnt in the last one week.

Why? Because I am self-destructive. AND, I love food waaaaaay too much to care about losing weight sometimes. Bhak, stooopid,sublime, divine food.

Anyway, of all the rubbish(not in terms of taste, but calorific value) I ate today, the one which stood out most was this awesome cheese sandwich a friend’s mom made, and this really nice ghee mein tossed peas pulao my cook made.

Also, i stole my friend’s chocolate cookies.

I officially suck.


Hormones, I hate you

No, No, seriously, I HATE HORMONES. Every single time I think I am mature enough to handle my raging teenage hormones, BOOM! I go and get infatuated with some famous kid who will FOREEEEEVER be outta my league.  Like right now for instance, I have a huge crush on a guy whose like SO perfect (Musician and all ;)), but whose never going to think of me beyond a friend or behena. Sucks, eh?

A few days back I was giving a huge 3 hour lecture to this guy friend of mine (yes friend, not fraand) about how he should have a more optimistic outlook towards relationships and love etc. NOW, I am suffering from a bit of self-doubt. You see, I till date have not dated a guy who genuinely likes me for who I am. Maybe it has something to do with the way I look, or talk, or walk or perhaps not match up to their expectations.

Shallow as it may sound, I too give a lot of preferences to the outer elements than I do the ones hidden behind fame, talent and more often than not a cute, not so pimply face *!*. So therefore, I don’t think I have the right to whine about boys being shallow when I’m the same. Right?

But the thing is, us humans have a privilege that no other species in this world does- the privilege of being able to wallow in self-pity and remain in that state till time suits us best. Me for example, would previously mope about things that made me unhappy and cling on to people who made me unhappy because whining about that sadness gave me a sense of self importance. Now I knew very well it pissed people off (the friends who helped me cope through my, well, Nutella-devouring phases and what not!), but I still did it because frankly, that ‘epic drama’ was what kept me ALIVE! Like made me feel alive. And like right now, moping about falling for boys out of my league is.

So bottom line: I am never changing this whiney part about myself. But what I can change, I will. More on that later.


Dear Blogging Knowledge,

Dear Blogging Knowledge,

Where exactly are you? Oh! I know! In some small pocket of my cerebrum. Hypothalamus, if I’m correct.  I wonder WHY? I’m finding it sooooooo hard to blog now. Is it because of the numerous apps which were virtually non-existent on my previous blog, or is my brain just acting funny??? Oh, yes, I think it’s the latter. This happens every time I  catch a cold and anticipate an evil happening. Which is funny because my school reopens on thursday. Funny na? NA! Not funny, horrible. I feel so spastic and desperate-for-cyber-attention types right now, I wish I could slap myself hard. But my Parent’s suspicion of me being a mental case WILL be totally justified. Next you will see me blogging from an asylum. Now THAT would be funny. And a bit creepy. My sense of humour is highly questionable, methinks. How about you?


No comment. nOT NICE :(

So, like I said before, Or wait! I don’t think I did, ANYWAY, no one has commented yet and it makes me a bit sad. I think it’s the whole Facebook syndrome. You know, the one where you’re so used to people passing comments on your profile/pics/notes etc etc even if they don’t know you. OR need to feel a sense of importance. Okay, that’s mean and a tad little bitchy of me. Considering the fact that I do it myself. But I toh do it because I am a ‘compulsive like-er’. Anyway, I SHALL-NOT-MAKE-EXCUSES. Lame ass excuses, that too.

Today I had such an awesome desi breakfast, hence lunch is out of the question. However in that case, I’ll probably have to eat maach for dinner. (fish, i.e.). Now a few things that I dislike are insects, foul stenches AND FISH! And my Grandma is hell-bent on feeding me fish. Bhaaaaaaaaaak.

Also, one more thing. I CAN’T SEEM TO MAKE MY BLOG LOOK NICE. It looks dull and lame. I dunno whether blogspot was better or not, but it was a lot less confusing. Less headaches for me. AND, less number of minutes spent tryig to figure out the difference between Gravatar and WordPress.

Oh my, my! I need help.


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